Sample Exam B Answers ISTQB® Foundation Level 2018

英文版 试卷B 答案 1.1版本

Purpose of this document
The sample questions, answer sets and associated justifications in this document have been created by a
team of Subject Matter Experts and experienced question writers with the aim of assisting ISTQB®
Member Boards and Exam Boards in their question writing activities.
These questions cannot be used as-is in any official examination, but they should serve as guidance for
question writers. Given the wide variety of formats and subjects, these sample questions should offer
many ideas for the individual Member Boards on how to create good questions and appropriate answer
sets for their examinations.
The question and answer sets are organized in the following way:
 Learning Objective and K-level
 Question - including any scenario followed by the question stem (The question is contained in a
separate document)
 Answer Set (The answer set is contained in the document)
 Correct answer – including justification of the answers
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